Possédé par un symbiote qui agit de manière autonome, le journaliste Eddie Brock devient le protecteur létal Venom.


  1. Anon 21.10.18

    Fking keyboard hater no life doofus people here in comment section...aways hating on everything. You people even going to hate infinity war..

  2. Anon 21.10.18

    Pretty rad looking. I think I could have done without the Venom reveal though. Would have been nice to finally see it in the theater.

  3. Anon 21.10.18

    esta excelente ߤߒ Is Venom

  4. Anon 21.10.18

    On mierda mierda mierda ߘߘߘߘ octubre llega rápido al favor xD

  5. Anon 21.10.18

    I heard \"We are Groot\" ߘߘߘߘߘ

  6. Anon 21.10.18

    love this character since i was kid...

  7. Anon 21.10.18

    Venom kinda looks bad, I hope this isn't a disappointment because it's a good idea, hate to see it go to waste

  8. Anon 21.10.18

    We...are Venom!!!

  9. Anon 21.10.18

    Probably gonna watch it, but i feel like it will suck

  10. Anon 21.10.18

    The 90s would be proud. !ߑ

  11. Anon 21.10.18

    This is the perfect Venom trailer, don't show anymore sony, just this

  12. Anon 21.10.18


  13. Anon 21.10.18

    2:18 best part

  14. Anon 21.10.18

    Lets hope he is T H I C C Venom

  15. Anon 21.10.18

    Not digging it.\nHope the movie is good though

  16. Anon 21.10.18

    As a Venom fan and, admittedly, one of the ones who bashed the teaser for not showing enough Venom, I gotta say I never thought sony would slap me this hard in the face with this trailer for saying all the things I said about the teaser. It's shaping up to be a really good film from the looks of it and now October can't come any sooner. #ThanosDemandsYourSilence

  17. Anon 21.10.18

    My nipples are so hard

  18. Anon 21.10.18

    From this trailer, this movie looks pretty disappointing, tbh...CGI looks crap too.

  19. Anon 21.10.18

    Jesus this looks scary.

  20. Anon 21.10.18

    yes can't wait

  21. Anon 21.10.18

    Tom Hardy, check. Good looking Venom, check. A well written Eddie Brock with an interesting “talking to himself” relationship with the symbiote,check. Carnage confirmed to make an appearance, check. October release date, check. R rating, check. Pre ordered tickets, TRIPLE FUCKING CHECK!

  22. Anon 21.10.18


  23. Anon 21.10.18

    better than spiderman3's Venom

  24. Anon 21.10.18

    That Avengers music tho...It's starting to look like there is a really good chance of Venom jumping into the MCU after all...

  25. Anon 21.10.18

    We........ Are Venom!

  26. Anon 21.10.18

    Este es el trailer que queríamos ver

  27. Anon 21.10.18

    Love the transformation, but the plot seems so so. Sort of cliche moments. I really hope for the best.

  28. Anon 21.10.18

    finally! the Venom we deserve!

  29. Anon 21.10.18


  30. Anon 21.10.18

    The Venom symbiote looks comicy and cartoony but not too much, AND I LOVE IT

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